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WEEElogic in Denmark and Sweden with Recipo!

What do we mean by extended producer responsibility for waste?

WEEE and cartridges: Impact in France for OEMs and remanufacturers

Key elements about compliance, End of Life Management and recycling obligations for WEEE batteries and packaging

WEEE compliance at Paperworld 2018  

The new website of Ecolec

Refilled printer cartridges must be WEEE compliant!

WEEE new scope in 2018: what consequences?

Amb3E was granted with the Packaging Licence in Portugal!

2016 France Batteries scheme performance by SCRELEC

2016 WEEE annual report of Ecologic: 162 000 tonnes collected in France!

How do businesses manage WEEE-related compliance obligations? (part 3)

WEEElogic at the Recycler Warsaw conference! 29th-30th June 2017 ! Workshop about WEEE

Ecolec publishes its 2016 collection performance in Spanish regions!

WEEElogic, the European compliance Hub is Italian connected!

How do businesses manage WEEE-related compliance obligations? (part 2)

ERA welcomes WEEElogic in Austria! WEEElogic and ERA sign a partnership

How do businesses manage WEEE-related compliance obligations?

The European Waste Compliance hub in Portugal at a glance!

WEEE compliance: what are the specificities of each european country?

The 4 key points about Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

WEEElogic will be at the IERC 2017 in Salzburg! January 17th to 19th

What do we mean by “producers” under the WEEE directive?

My company sells electrical and electronic appliances: do WEEE have obligations?

7 obligations faced by Producers to comply with WEEE Directive

What is WEEE?

Electronics Goes Green conference and IFA: WEEElogic in Berlin

New Partner for UK: Veolia


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