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Ecolec, the most important Spanish compliance and take back scheme has published its new website. 

Ecolec is a partner of WEEElogic for the Spanish market.

Ecolec has been operating for almost 15 years in Spain. It covers battery and WEEE for the benefit of OEM's, producers, importers, retailers and distant sellers. 

Ecolec is a non for profit company, and offers a compliance path in Spain as well as take back and recycling solutions. Every year Ecolec publishes its annual report about spanish WEEE and battery collection and recycling performance

The new website of Ecolec highlights the spanish network of drop off points available in Spain throughout the Ecolec' network of local partners

The launch of its new website goes along with evolutions on the WEEE scope in Europe and in Spain. 

Notably, the open scope will take place in 2018 and will have consequences for businesses in terms of products covered byt the legal framework. 

Moreover, audits standard and European standards are also at stake since European Member States discuss about the implementatiion of a level playing field among them, the harmonization of treatment and audit standards accross Europe is challenging! 

The WEEE sector is constantly evolving and the launch of the new Ecolec website follows the trend towards a circular economy. The European legal framework might be be reviewed with potential improvement although compliance and take back schemes will constantly provide  compliance take back and recycling services to match mandatory obligations. 

We wish this new website succes and many visitors! 

Romain Letenneur


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