WEEElogic, the European compliance Hub is Italian connected!



WEEElogic and Cobat have signed a partnership agreement to strenghten the network of WEEElogic.


WEEElogic and Cobat signed a partnership agreement to offer a dedicated one-stop solution in Italy and in Europe.

WEEElogic, the European compliance hub for WEEE (e-waste, battery waste and packaging) and Cobat have entered into this partnership to offer common services at a European level. The partnership enables producers looking for centralized services and easy coordination of compliance across Europe.


How do producers deal with environmental end-of-life obligations?

In Europe, companies selling Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) including devices1 and batteries2 as well as placing packaging on the market for the first time, must meet specific environmental obligations. Producers must address three obligations for a specific sales reference unit.

In order to simplify the management of these responsibilities, WEEElogic provides services to producers3. Since 2013, producers can centralise and delegate proceedings/administrative burden to WEEElogic and its partners, i.e. appropriate compliance and take-back schemes for WEEE, battery and packaging obligations in each country.

Cobat is a strong and reliable partner. Italy as one of the major countries in Europe needed such Pan European coverage. WEEElogic was willing to secure cooperation with Cobat for the benefit of producers. This partnership will enable us to close the loop for circular economy with the help of our Italian friends! ” said Romain Letenneur, Managing Director of WEEElogic.


WEEElogic: a European Hub with national expertise

In order to offer centralized but smart services, WEEElogic also relies on the expertise of local, specialist compliance and take-back schemes. To maintain its development and to exclusively offer wider coverage to its clients, WEEElogic has signed an agreement with the company Cobat in Italy.


What solutions exist in Italy?


Cobat, founded in 1988, is the oldest Italian compliance and take-back scheme of tech products such as batteries and electrical and electronic equipment. Always in step with the incessant changes dictated by Italian regulations, the market and technological innovation, Cobat is able to provide efficient and personalized B2B and B2C services, by ensuring a widespread coverage all over Italy and guaranteeing total traceability of the waste through dedicated web areas.


Michele Zilla, General Director of Cobat, “Cobat helped Italy achieve excellent battery recycling rates and is now adapting its model to WEEE. Its next goal is to exchange knowledge and experience in the EU market, thus contributing to building a Pan-European Circular Economy alliance with the best players on the ground. WEEElogic is a natural choice for this ambitious goal.”


Cobat serves more than 1,000 Producers/Importers and collects 150,000 tonnes of technological waste annually. It has 70 authorized collectors and a network of 27 treatment and recovery facilities distributed uniformly throughout Italy. That is how Cobat guarantees high quality standards all over the country and optimizes optimizing logistics and treatment costs.


Please contact WEEElogic with any questions: contact@weeelogic.com

Romain Letenneur

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1 home appliances, consumer electronics, IT, telecommunication, cooling, air conditioning, toys, tools, medical devices

2 cells, accumulators, portable batteries, industrial batteries, automotive batteries

3 manufacturers, OEM’s, webstores, importers, distributors, retailers, resellers

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