European compliance hub for WEEE, waste batteries and packaging

Tired wasting time among the various national obligations and schemes for electrical and electronic waste and batteries?

WEEElogic enables producers(OEM’s, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, distant sellers) to simplify and centralize compliance, take back and recycling in all EU countries and beyond.

We operate a network of compliance and recycling schemes among Europe who delivers WEEE, battery and packaging compliance.




WEEElogic is your solution to :

  • Analyse your obligations based on your sales channels and profiles per countries
  • Coordinate European overviews and quotes to assess the local compliance costs
  • Coordinate your compliance
  • Organize your contracting
  • Verify your invoices…


EPR compliance management software online!

Standard Services:

  • Registration with National authorities
  • Selection and contracting of Authorized Representative
  • Selection and contracting of compliance organization
  • Coordination of contracts and compliance status
  • Support for product categorization
  • Central reporting tool
  • Yearly updates
  • Local invoices check

Complementary Services

  • Information labelling and mandatory obligations reports
  • Central payment service (Third party payment)
  • Pick up coordnation for take back services
  • Legal monitoring
  • Benchmarking
  • Consulting on demand



Let us save your time!

With a dedicated set of partners, the WEEELogic network is constantly expanding with respect to the specific needs of our clients