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How do businesses manage WEEE-related compliance obligations? (part 2)

WEEE comply with what? PART 2


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ERA welcomes WEEElogic in Austria! WEEElogic and ERA sign a partnership

WEEElogic is extending its network with ERA the leading Austrian compliance scheme. 

WEEElogic and ERA have signed a partnership agreement to offer a dedicated one-stop solution in Austria and in Europe.

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How do businesses manage WEEE-related compliance obligations?

WEEE comply with what? PART 1

In Europe, companies selling electrical and/or electronic products and devices must take into consideration two to three end-of-life (waste) regulations when they sell goods:

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The European Waste Compliance hub in Portugal at a glance!

WEEElogic is extending its network with Amb3E the Portuguese compliance scheme.

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WEEE compliance: what are the specificities of each european country?

WEEElogic has made available on its website a range of free country profiles in PDF format. Each document is a brief overview of a european country' specificities regarding WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment*) Directive compliance or battery directive compliance.

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The 4 key points about Producer Compliance Schemes

1. Services and obligations of a Producer Compliance Scheme 

A producer compliance scheme (PCS) is an organisation whose clients (members) all work in the business of selling electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). The PCS works to create full compliance of all its members with their individual WEEE requirements by:

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WEEElogic will be at the IERC 2017 in Salzburg! January 17th to 19th


In January 2017, WEEElogic will hold a booth at the IERC. Please come and visit us!

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What do we mean by “producers” under the WEEE directive?


Who is a WEEE Producer?

According to the WEEE directive, a WEEE producer is a business entity in a member state that has a specific status according to the way it is constituted and its business relationship with suppliers and clients in this member state.

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My company sells electrical and electronic appliances: do WEEE have obligations?

The parties under obligation are the Producers according to the definition of each directive.

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7 obligations faced by Producers to comply with WEEE Directive

Producers* of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) have responsibilities regarding the end-of-life of goods that they place on EU Member States’ markets. They have to take into account and manage several obligations in order to comply with the WEEE Directive as it is transposed in each European country.

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